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4 in1 HD H.264 Encoder

HD Encoder

4 in 1 H.264 HD Encoder


The NDS3214H encoder is a professional HD H.264 encoder and multiplexer with powerful functions. It has 4x independent 4xHDMI and 1x ASI inputs .This device is able to multiplex theTS signal from ASI-Port with 4 encoded SPTS from HDMI ports to generate a MPTS output signal with the additional ability of inserting PSI/SI information into MPTS . The NDS3214 is a highly integrated and very cost effective system and could be easily deployed in varieties of signal distribution applications such as CATV , studios, ISP head-end, satellite and terrestrial digital TV, etc


H.264/AVC High Profile Level 4.0 video encoding support, advanced video pretreatment algorithm
Audio MPEG1 Layer 2, AAC(optional)
4 channel HDMI inputs, 1 ASI input supports multiplexing
Real- time effective output bit-rate monitoring
720P, 1080I HD video format support
MPTS ASI output
MPTS over UDP unicast/multicast output
LCD / keyboard operating
NMS support


Input : 4×HDMI inputs (version 1.3a) , 1×ASI input, BNC interface
Video Resolution 1920×1080_60i, 1920×1080_50i,1280×720_60p, 1280×720_50p
Encoding MPEG4 AVC/H.264 High Profile Level 4.0 for HD
Bit-rate 0.8Mbps~20Mbps (each channel)
Rate Control
GOP Structure IBBP
Advanced Pretreatment
De-interlacing, noise reduction, sharpening
Audio Encoding MPEG-1 Layer 2
Sampling rate 48KHz, 44.1KHz,32KHz
64Kb/s~384Kb/s each channel Multiplexing
1×ASI input multiplexed with 4 encoding channel SPTS

Stream output

2×ASI outputs, BNC interface
MPTS over UDP,10/100Base-T Ethernet interface
(UDP unicast / multicast)
System function
LCD/keyboard operating, NMS support
Chinese-English control interface
Ethernet software upgrade


Dimensions (W×D×H) 482mm×455mm×44.5mm
Approx weight 4.8Kg
Temperature range 0~45°(Operating), -20~55°(Storage)
Power Requirements AC 110V±10%, 50/60Hz or AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 25W

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