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Multi Channel Encodulator


4 HDMI to DVB-C/T/ATSC Modulator

Product Overview

AMS3542-4A is a newly developed Encoder & Modulator (Encodulator)which integrates MPEG2 HD/MPEG4 HD video encoding with integrated DVB-C/-T/ATSC ( ISDB -T Optional) modulation to convert HDMI signals to a modulated RF output signal wthin the frequency range of 30~960MHz. It has 4 channels of HDMI input, 1 ASI input . The output ports are 2 ASI ports, 1 UDP IP , and 1 modulated RF port.

The incoming signal source could be from satellite receivers, closed-circuit television cameras, Blue-ray players, and antenna etc.
Its output RF signal can be received by any triple tuner DVB standard TV sets, or ISDB-T STBs .

The equipment can be wildly used in public projects such as underground stations , market hall, theatre, hotesl, resorts, for monitoring ,training , controlling local or remote areas .

Key Features

MPEG2 HD & MPEG4 HD video encoding
Up to 1920*1080@50P/60P supported (MPEG4 HD);
Up to 1920*1080@50I/60I supported (MPEG2 HD)
4* HDMI inputs, 1*ASI input
RF ISDB-T output
LCN support (Logical Channel Number)
Excellent modulation quality MER?42dB
RF Frequency range 30Mhz~960Mhz
LCD display, Remote control and firmware
Web NMS management; Updates via web

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